"There's nothing really all that great about me."

Chanyeol is what you might describe as an overly hyper puppy. He’s energetic, childish, caring, and oblivious to his surroundings half the time. He’s not exactly new to Seoul, but he did just come back from what you might call a long “vacation” and has come to realise that most of his friends have long been gone. So, I guess you could consider him the new kid on the block. That being said, he’s in need of help.

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ー do bok choi soon, incredibly adorable fashion blogger and (taeyeon)fangirl

i’m looking for some friends\cuddle slaves because my pretty little bed gets lonely with just me

if you’re interested, or just wan’na help me out, reblog this or just follow me, and i’ll get straight to loving ‘ya!

see you soon~

p.s i can also pay you in…

ice cream

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"Oh no another follow post!"

Yes, I’m shamelessly posting it. Right now I’m only following two blogs (one of them is tumblr staff) so it would be great to earn myself some followers and friends (kindly like/reblog). The info you need is on the gif, I’m friendly and all that. Not new, just back in the game. Kept it short and simple for you freaks. 

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"All children, except one, grow up."

Peter’s childish to an extent, mischievous, a smart-ass, gullible, friendly, simple-minded and has no idea what is going on a lot of the time. He has a child’s ignorant bliss and therefore is clueless to most things in the “real world.” He’s new around Seoul completely, even given the new name Lu Han. Only knowing what was told to him in stories and from what he’s learned the first few weeks he’s been around, he’s in dire need of some help.

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Internet? In-ter-net? Don’t you mean into a net? Ah, nevermind that. Could you help me find Darling? Maybe if you.. re— reblog? Is that the word? Maybe if you reblog this she’ll find me before I can find her.
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LUHAN: “I’m the manliest!”

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